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Yucca rostrata

Overseas shipments for Yucca rostrata:
40 foot HQ refrigerated container set at 50’F with 15% fresh air.
Mix container filled with plants sizing from 90 cms to 3 meters tall single heads, plus percentage of multiheads ranging from 2 to 6 heads and more with heights ranging from 1.5 meter to 3.5 meters. Containers holding an average of 700 plants.

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Dasylirion miquijuanensis

Overseas shipments for Dasylirion species:
40 foot HQ refrigerated container set at 50’F with 15% fresh air.
With single head and multihead plants holds approx 120 plants each container.

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Dasylirion Miquijuanensis

Pachycereus marginatus

Cuttings up to 4 meter are wrapped in thick brown paper individually with cut end exposed.
Old trunks with trimmed roots of 10 to 20 years old. sprout with 10 to 25 new heads which will grow into a specimen. Individually wrapped.

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pacycereus marginatus

For USA Shipments, size limitation applies according to USDA PPQ regulations  for all species.

Some species have taken up to three years of legal process to acquire legal documentation to extract, transport and sell nationally and internationally.

                                          Agave striata

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              Yucca Rostrata specimen

                 Limited quantities- four to seven meters in height

two to fifteen multi heads



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yucca rostrata specimens

opuntia santa rita

Opuntia Santa Rita

when stressed the plant color turns purple

offered in three gallon pots


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Echinopsis spp
approximate 10 varities

                                         Fouquieria splendens


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Now offered

Dasylirium acrotriche
Dasylirion Miquijuanensis
Echinocactus grusonii
Echinopsis spp.
Opuntia santa-rita

Species offered by the end of 2011

Dasylirium cedrosanum
Ferrocactus pilosus
Fouquieria splendens
Yucca rigida
Yucca thompsoniana

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